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Houdini Architecture Nodes - Pack #1

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Houdini Architecture Nodes - Pack #1

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Quaternioff Procedural Tools
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Create complex structures in hours instead of days! These are the first batch of procedural modeling tools designed to accelerate the creation of surfaces commonly used in architecture.

Made for Houdini Indie. No black boxing; all the internal networks and code are accessible.

If you need Houdini FX (full commercial vs. limited commercial) assets, individual nodes are on the orbolt store: https://www.orbolt.com/search/?q=quaternioff


Many of these nodes make use of ramp parameters and symmetries to quickly flesh out the desired shapes.

Buttress - Generates a supporting structure designed to strengthen a wall or side of another structure.

Cove - Generates a surface between two other surfaces' edges (e.g. a coving for the meeting of two walls).

Dome - Generates a dome from a revolved profile ramp parameter, with options for highly configurable symmetric ribs.

Hall - Given a curve as input, creates a hallway that doesn’t buckle at corners. Maintains its orientation/properties across elevation changes in the curve (difficult to achieve with the polywire node).

Mounter - Fits copies of an object into target prims, with various options for controlling the tightness of the fit without shearing, as well as pre/post-transformations of the copies relative to each target prim’s local coordinate space. Useful for effects like placing shingles on a roof/dome with optional touches of random transforms, or adding gargoyles to a set of target prims on a structure.

Winder [New in revision #3] - A new utility node designed to make it easier to generate a valid input curve for the portal node, but also useful as a general purpose utility. Given a closed-loop curve, allows the user to generate a clockwise or counter-clockwise point order with an existing point number to serve as the zero point.

Portal - Takes an input curve defining the shape of the portal, and creates a 3D surface with ramp parameters defining the varying shape of the additional dimensions.

Ridge - Creates a ridge along edges chosen on a target surface with a ramp-controllable profile and clean seals against surrounding surfaces at the ends.

Roof [New in revision #4] - Connects arbitrary peak points to the nearest points on the target surface with clean quad/triangle geometry.

Tower - Creates a faceted cylindrical structure with options for symmetrical ribs.

Tools/Shelf Button Scripts

Group By Bounds - Two scripts that generate bounding objects for selected edges or prims and use them to create more stable prim and edge groups.


Demo scene is included in the download!

Updates to this pack are free.

Rev. 4

Be sure to check out the other tools in the Quaternioff store!

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